About Vimium and more




Why to use Vimium?

I have just started to use vimium. It’s a great tool which provides many features.

One of the best feature that convinced me to use it is that:


This function allows you to search in all tabs(even in seperated window)


Also, I want to talk about history. As an emacs user I used keysnail project which aims emacs keybindings plus same features as vimium. But… It was good enough for those times.

Why I stopped using keysnail

Security is the most important reason! Since that keysnail will not be supported after Firefox 57+. There is no mean to continue.


I can honestly say, keysnail was more flexible and giving more freedom to write new features by using javascript. For example, I managed to write emacs kill ring behaviour by using stack mechanism. Furthermore, I achieved it by just editing its dot file.

I guess to achieve same thing on vimium, I need to install some npm packages etc etc. So at the end, keysnail2 was more extensible than vimium.

Quick fix for Vimium

The thing that annoying about behavior of vimium was not working at new tab. Later I learnt from message which is bellow.


Chrome is not allowing to run extensions. So I downloaded new extension which opens the URL which I defined. So now everything is working well and I am able to use all features3.