CloudFormation space character problem

So sad that you are here and you are using Cloudformation as me. It happens a long time that I am working with CloudFormation and we don’t love each other.

In this blog post there few examples that how much CFN is makes thing harder.

Let’s start for game 🙂

Question 1

There is a 2 CloudFormation block and just 1 of them works.

Guess which one?



Have you seen the differences?

The answer is second because 1 little small space character before arn:aws:fuck……

So what?

Solution which can prevent you from like those problems1

So you fixed your problem?

Hell NO, say good bye to CloudFormation and you will be free as bird.


Personal Advice

In my opinion, CFN is not a good solution for big projects.

Philosophy part

Isn’t YAML created to make a developers feel like at home. I want the freedom for it and mercy for developers.


Edit after spending so much time with CFN

We started to love eachother after that I learned CodePipeline features which I can use with Cloudformation. Just be careful while starting it because it’s not easy to revert or refactor what you create.