CloudFormation space character problem

So sad that you are here and you are using Cloudformation as me. It happens a long time that I am working with CloudFormation and we don’t love each other.

In this blog post there few examples that how much CFN is makes thing harder.

Let’s start for game 🙂

Question 1

There is a 2 CloudFormation block and just 1 of them works.

Guess which one?



Have you seen the differences?

The answer is second because 1 little small space character before arn:aws:fuck……

Another solution at below(Better to work like that)

So you fixed your problem?

No, say Byeeeee to CloudFormation and you will.


In my opinion, CFN is not a good solution for big projects.

Philosophy part

Isn’t YAML a comfort zone for developers. I want the freedom for him and mercy for developers.


Edit comes few later

We started to love eachother after that I learned CodePipeline features which I can use with CFN