General pip problems while installing devstack

While Installing Devstack I face to face problem so much about pip(even devstack install it automatically like how it want).

Some these problems was easy to solve you know write the problem to Google click the Stackoverflow scroll down then copy and paste, but some of them honestly took my precious time.

This post is about problems that occur because of pip  version and while devstack try to install that pip packages.

I offer to you if you dont want to face with that problems don’t let to Devstack to install pip  for you. Download it manually by using

To doing that its not so hard follow instruction.

Open Official web site pip stable or be lazy, and download by using wget  command directly

  • Note : if you already install pip so check from here how to uninstall

The problems which solved after that installing pip again

  • This solved my / line 489: generate-subunit: command not found
    • if you have problem also you can use
  • Skipping as nova-compute does not appear to be running

I hope It will fix your problem too. Have a nice deployment :))

Note: I got this errors while installing fresh Ubuntu and CentOS