How to install Racktables on Ubuntu 16.04

Note: At the second time when I tried to install Racktables to Ubuntu 16.04 I had problem about database so, I offer to install Racktables to Ubuntu 14.04 by using the same parameters on that page

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Download depencencies


If you have problem with packages try to install php7.0 and check below

Download Racktables from sourceforge

Check it link is the latest version while downloading

Configure Apache server

After that you have to make some changes about apache server

Than change your DocumentRoot with

Install Mysql for saving datas of Racktables

  • Give a password for your mysql

Almost finish,  after that step you have to login than there will be few steps which is really easy and well explained about what you have to do,

Just be careful

  • Being in correct folder(For our configuration it is /var/www/racktables/inc/) while executing commands about
  • If you have a already mysql in your environment check which port is it use
  • If you have a problems about check this page1

That’s all we installed our Racktables alkis-eyleminin-kaynagi-nedir-24148.jpg

See you!!

For more informations use links at below: