Remapping Android buttons

There are few reason to why you have to remap your in Android, If you ask me why I decided to change mine

There are a ton of reasons you might want to remap the buttons on your Android phone or tablet. But If you ask me why I changed behaviours of buttons. I could blame Android manufacturer which bind just 2 action for Open/Close button. That button placed on the best accessible location to lock/unlock or restart phone screen almost everyphone. Why ?

There are few application to change behaviour of button on Android. The most known is ButtonRemapper. At the beginning I used that a application but than I explore Xposed Additions which is work with Xposed Framework that gives Android independence back :).

There are few feature that why Xposed Additions is better than Remapper.

That features are;


  • In android every button has special unique number/id that define itself and tell to operating system what action should execute. Remapper is a quite good application that makes it work good but If you decide to use that application also you need to learn another application that tells you that unique number.

Scientific work

  • After that you change your default behaviour of your buttons,If you want to comeback for default, There is problem you have to remember what you did before and you have to change for it.

Ui ?

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button remapper

About Xposed Addition

  • Xposed Addition has pretty well interface for end user. Just you need to choose your button and change action from menu.

xposed addition 1   xposed addition 2


As you see it has quite good interface, just try it 🙂

Enjoy the freedoom of Android.