Update Racktables without losing data

Hello again, in this topic I’ll explain how is easy to upgrade Racktables.

Warning: I offer that to doing that steps in new machine, If you lose something I’ll just be sad. Nothing more :). You can check project page on Github in this page in which situation it contain risk.

So let’s start

Firstly you have to apply the steps which I wrote on my blog post till the installing mysql-server.

After installing mysql-server;

Export datas from old machine

Send datas to new machine by using scp

Create database for Racktables

Import your files for your database

Than open your Browser and enter http://ip.com/ and start to apply steps which is given on your browser than enter our credentials as like username or database_name

If you do all of them correctly and if you dont have extremely old version, everything will be alright.


  • If you got problem about password and username, you have to enter your previous username and password for Racktables
  • If you got permission problem about database, you have to add your previous mysql-user