Enis Özgen

Faster git clone

All of use using git clone command in our daily life. Especially while trying to find some open source projects. In this article I just want to show how parameter allow you to use less bandwith while downloading repository from remote. Normal version Directory size: 50 Megabyte

Depth version […]

Amazon price tracker

Hello the person who is from capitalist world. I know you are working a lot and do not want to spend your precious money! So that reason, you are always waiting for discounts, coupons, lightning deals and important days to finish all useless products like Black Friday. I wrote awesome […]


Another quick blog which will save your time in order to fight with quotes and braces while writing ansible.   This piece of code allows you to put curly braces, quotes, and necessary quotes via evil-surround   Call evil-surround-edit command and press h converts   item ==> {{ item }} H […]