Faster git clone

All of use using git clone command in our daily life. Especially while trying to find some open source projects. In this article I just want to show how parameter allow you to use less bandwith while downloading repository from remote. Normal version Directory size: 50 Megabyte

Depth version […]

About Vimium and more

Table of Contents Why to use Vimium? keysnail Why I stopped using keysnail Comparison Quick fix for Vimium For More   TLDR;   Why to use Vimium? I have just started to use vimium. It’s a great tool which provides many features. One of the best feature that convinced me […]

org-time-today is void

TLDR; After I update my org-mode version, org-time-today function has just disappeared. As awesome coder, I did search in the old versions of org-mode and copied this function from this file to my init! Now everything is perfect!!!

Also share full error in the article! for better search engine […]