Dokku git access right

Nowadays I interest with dokku. It look like awesome while working with it. As a newbee about that topic I got so many problems while working with it. In this blog post I’ll share how to solve problem about access right. As they wrote on Github of Dokku I […]

Ansible: working with Return Codes

Ansible-playbooks has own output style. In this blog post I have just shared YAML file that explains how to handle return codes in ansible-playbooks So there is an example that handles errors of Ansible.


  That playbook will not return with failed status because of that we […]

How to install Racktables on Ubuntu 16.04

Note: At the second time when I tried to install Racktables to Ubuntu 16.04 I had problem about database so, I offer to install Racktables to Ubuntu 14.04 by using the same parameters on that page Related issue: Table of Contents Download depencencies Download Racktables from sourceforge Configure Apache […]

Pyvmomi SSL certification error

Hello everybody nowadays I interest with ESX and WMware virtualization system. Pyvmomi is such a good Api that control all of them. It’s Python project also well documented on Github. There is a good samples for lazy peoples who want to understand easily and faster. Main problem, while connecting vSphere […]