Error about kickstart partitioning Ubuntu 16.04

Kickstart is a good tool that help us while booting new environment for development. The most boring thing about that i see about it, You need to use different ks.conf files for different distros.

Ubuntu has such a good GUI tool that helps you about prepare ks.conf file from zero to hero(Absolutely NOT)

You can download it from Ubuntu Repos.

You can create your initial ks.conf file according to your wishes. Absolutely it does not work without configuring it by hand.

Problems that I experienced was about partitioning disk.After that as you know following episode RTFM. It was really boring believe me. Whatever, also i don’t want to make this blog post too.

Lets start.

First was accepting “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk”


Solution add this line to your ks.conf

Second one was

write changes to disk

Solution is add this line to your ks.conf


As you see it’s not look like professional work and effort to solve this but creating image, uploading to main ESXi server stole so much time from me. I hope it will solve your problem too.


Source that I used for it;