Easy git integration with hydra

Emacs still growing up. Big thanks to Melpa repository and package maintainers. Nowadays we have a chance to use so much package about what we interest.

Like every kid, while growing up, Emacs also makes a problem for us or new shortcuts that we have to learn in our life. In my opinion, Emacs has enough hard shortcut keys. However, all packages that we install also bring some new shortcuts with all features. That made me sad till abo-abo(Oleh Krehel)1 release hydra for our usage.(Many thanks)

As I say in the title I’ll share few trick about how Emacs can be easier by using hydra-mode2.

I think everybody who uses Emacs heard about magit-mode that awesome git integration. I can honestly offer that you will have better key bindings compare to emacs style bindings with that package

These codes are just a draft and playground that you can change. After that, you have to use your creativity or you can use that link and you can steal from someone else. Believe me, others are lazier than me 🙂