Hide Github academic discount coupon error

I Don’t use after Stylish anymore1,


Thanks to Github to providing us really awesome free tools via Student Developer Pack. The package was really awesome and I used many of component.

Few days ago that package time has finished. So when I open GitHub there was huge red banner about Your GitHub academic discount coupon has expired.

The things that GitHub want from me, deleting private repositories or update payment method. There are so many reason not doing what it offers.

  1. Nowadays I am quite busy.
  2. I don’t have so much free time like students :).
  3. I am not ready nowadays to see my old codes,  At least, they could give some time to preparation or maybe smaller warning banner.2

Hopefully, Stylish will hide that banner till that I will get ready to do that business 🙂


For more;

  • Also doing like those actions are easy with uBlock. It has also nice features.