Read tasks at morning from Google Calendar

Google agenda is a nice tool to organize life. I use it as a TODO list with MobileOrg. Nowadays I interested with Tasker.

It is really powerful tool to make Android smarter than before(If you spend a enough time to configure that XML file).

So let’s explain requirements of this tool.By using Google and elementary programming knowledge I created really awesome tool which is going to organize my life. The main purpose of that tool is reading today tasks from Google Calendar at morning.

This post is not going to be as How To Do it. I’ll just give XML and videos which are explain creating task file zero to hero.

If you have any problem feel free to contact with me.

Steps are:

  1.  Tasker(If you don’t want to pay immediately you can download trial version from here)
  2. Download XML file
  3. Import tasker XML file
  4. Google Calendar Account private calendar
      – On this video (2:20-2:30) explains how to get private calendar link
  5. Paste your secret link with line 5 on phone
  6. While script is running it
    – Internet Connection

Good luck.

Few links which I use: