Gnome extensions which makes you efficient

It’s a long time that i use Linux. The best advantage about environment of Linux is customizability. If you have a desire and idea to make your environment better, You are free to choose or make your own. That makes feel as Superman isn’t you?

So while using computer,if you don’t live in always darkside, the most interfaces that we have seen is Desktop Environments are Unity, KDE, GNOME, Mate etc. I used them all at ones. But if you ask which one is better, definitely GNOME is better for me.


  • It has a nice buttons and interface which I can interact
  • I can reach preview of my all active programs with one button
  • Also I can search files with that button too
  • And the best thing is GNOME Extensions which you can rule them all

In this blog posts I want to talk about few GNOME extensions which I use in my environment

These are

All windows



Hibernate status button


Native Window Placement





In this topic I talked about, Superman, Lord Of the Rings and Star Wars All of them makes my GNOME useful i hope you will like them also 🙂