How to install Racktables on Ubuntu 16.04

Note: At the second time when I tried to install Racktables to Ubuntu 16.04 I had problem about database so, I offer to install Racktables to Ubuntu 14.04 by using the same parameters on that page Related issue: Table of Contents Download depencencies Download Racktables from sourceforge Configure Apache […]

ImportError: cannot import name yaql_interface

I think nowadays there are quite big problem about pip command. It’s second post which I wrote about pip installation problem. So I got this problem while installing Murano for devstack.  

When I look is it latest version of package or not by using pip show . Yes it was […]

supervisor socket.error

There is a quite new minor bug about supervisor. After installation when we try to use superisorctl  control panel it gives error as : <class 'socket.error'>, [Errno 2] No such file or directory: file: <string> line: 1   Solving problem is really easy just execute sudo /etc/init.d/supervisord restartand Everythings gonna be all right 🙂 Have a nice working.   Related links